Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 2012 Review

November started very good for me and I crushed everything, pretty hard, in the first half of the month. The second half however was a total disaster- I ran terrible and finished this portion almost break-even, witch tilted me a bit and also made me less hands than I wanted too. I also failed to reach supernova (I needed only 1200 more VPP's) witch sucks. I really need to work on improving my volume, when I run bad. Overall I am pretty pleased with the final result, because it is above average for me(this year I made about 1900$/month on avarage), so this is pretty nice. 

Also, november was the month in witch I played the most hands ever and was my first month ever in witch I managed to win 100buy-ins witch is also nice. I also played around 1500 sng's and managed to have a positive ROI in them.

The final numbers for November are as follows:
148,593 Hands Played
12,941 VPPs
+$3,157 (cash game profits)
+$245 (sng profits)
+$60 (PLO cash game profit)
+$517 (FPP value)
+$3,979 (Total Month)

My goals for december are:
- to reach supernova in the first days
- to play >150k hands
- to increase my winrate to 8bb/100
- to continue playing sng's and prepare myself for trying to make sne in 2013 playing mostly sng's.

Here are my graphs and stats (I will use HM2 from now on, because HM1 does not support run it twice-witch I started to use):


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