Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grinding software I use

***I just wanted to point out, that I don't get any benefit for promoting any of the following software. I made the post only with the intention of helping out other poker players and posting interesting topics on my blog. Thank you.***

1.  f.lux (free program)

F.lux fixes this: it makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. It reduces eye strain it makes it mutch more easy to read, play online poker or justwork at the computer for long hours. This program has helped me a lot to increase my grinding volume and makes y eye's feel better. I allready had my brigtness level of my monitors set to 0 before using this program, but  F.lux turned the brighteness down even more.
Pros: Great program that everyone should use and it is free
Cons: None

2. Note Caddy (60$ or option to get it free by creating a poker account and making some rake)

Note caddy is a program that takes more notes for you than you could make yourself by making them manually. It is now availeble only for HM2 users.
It also shows you specific range for some stats (for example: range for 3betting a TAG, or limping range from EP, or 3barell bluff range). This mixes up very good with your HUD and gives you a better image of you a certain villain is playing.
It also can be configured to show on the HUD, badges (icons that appear when a villain has a certain tendency that can be exploited). These icons will allow you you to increase your winrate by taking certain lines when you see this icons.
Pros: gives you a clear image of the ranges a certain villain has, improves winrate
Cons: very difficult to set up and also uses a lot of CPU and RAM resources (a medium or entry level computer will not run it smothly)

3. Tablescanturbo (79.95$ or option to get it free by creating a poker account and making some rake)

TableScanTurbo is a professional table selection software. It scans the tables of your selected stakes in your poker clients, retrieves player statistics from your HoldemManager or PokerTracker database, and displays them in an easy-to-read format -- enabling you to quickly and easily find the most desirable tables with the weakest opponents!
It also has a autowaitinglist feature that automaticly joins waitlists if a certain table meets a certain criteria. If playing 25-100NL on pokerstars, TableScanTurbo will scan the lobby and join the waitnglists in about 2-3minutes.
Pros: Very powerfull program that helps with table selection (I use it when 16-24 tabling to have more time at the tables but prefer to search the lobby manually when playing less than 16 tables because I have a very good colorcoding sistem)
Cons: Difficult to set it up.

4. Table Ninja (59.99$ or option to get it free by creating a poker account and making some rake)

TableNinja is a suite of tools that allows multitablers to play more tables with less effort so that they can increase their hourly win rate. By removing minor distractions, you are now able to concentrate on playing poker.  
Pros: great program. everybody should use table ninja or a similar program
Cons: Table ninja has 3 programs (for stars, FT and partypoker) and I understand that they can't run at the same time. I would have loved if they created a single program that could work on all the sites at the same time.
For players that don't have the budget to buy table ninja, but they play on stars I recommend this program: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/168/free-software/starscash-free-script-pokerstars-containing-all-functions-cash-player-may-need-674166/  It has the same features as table ninja but is free. The only con is that is does not have a option for automatic betsizing and that you will not receive any updates for it.


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  2. ty so much 4 the info, see u at the tables

    1. Thank you for reading my blog. Good luck at theb tables.

  3. danut as vrea sa invat mai multe...
    poti sama ajuti mai concret(stiu ca timpul costa bani....) imi merge cate ceva la 5nl dar scot doar 20$ la zi si as vrea mai mult ...vrei sa ma ajuti putin? 0767866210


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