Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mid-month review - november

This month has been so far the best for me from this year in terms of volume, winnings and VPP's. I changed my game a bit, plugged a couple of leaks, played A-game and ran good. So far I have won 10bb/100 at 25-100NL. I don't think this winrate is sustaineble, but I hope I will make at least 8bb/100 from now on. My target now is to make supernova by the end of the month (I need only 7000 more VPP's) Here is the graph and some cool hands:

Here villain had backdoor straight+backdoor flush draw:

A pair for everybody in this hand:) :

Good luck at the tables guys...


  1. Great Job way . Keep on crushing. wish I could have a break even month lately lol..

  2. Thank you. I hope you run better yourself

  3. Also, how are you able to grind 8,000 7,000 hand sessions wowsa

  4. I just start playing, focus on making the best decesions I can and I 24 table.... it takes only about 6hours... I think about the money I can make....This month I played more long sessions than usually...If everything was perfect ideally I would play 10 hours a day. When I run very bad I usually can't play more than 2000 hands...


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