Wednesday, May 23, 2012

about me

I am 26 years old, and I am a regular at pokerstars (25-50NL full ring) and I have been playing poker for a living since january 2012. This is a blog in which I will post my results, graphs, interesting hand histories and other poker topics. Please leave any feedback and suggestions. If you enjoy the blog please bookmark it and click the "join site" button.

You can contact me by email:   or on 2+2 forum - my user is danuuutz

Here is my lifetime graph (updated on 5th january 2014):


  1. Hi danuuutz, congratulations on your great results over the last two years! I was wondering how do you study your sessions and if you could give a few general recommendations for a fish who is trying to move up in stakes :)
    keep up the good work!


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