Monday, December 17, 2012

Free poker videos and software

I think it is important for new players, that don't have a big bankroll, to have some quality free poker resources availeble, to improve their game. I came up with the ideea of creating a list with usefull free poker training videos, books and software. I will keep updating this list on a regular basis.

Poker podcasts: (I am not a fan of podcasts, but these are extremely good quality material, +EV and nice to listen podcasts).... My favorite are:
and all the others that have book authors as guest...

Tournament Videos:

 MIT poker lectures:

Mental game videos:

Videos, books and articles  for micro stakes players:

 Free poker software:

  • Pokerstove - a great program that shows the equity'es that certain hands have against certain ranges 
  • PokerStrategy Equilab and PokerStrategy Equilab PLO - another great program that shows the equity against a range of hands 
  • variance simulator - a great variance simulator that will show you how mutch variance you can experience over time and what kind of bankroll you should use
  • starscash script - a program that allows player to multitable on pokerstars with less effort by removing minor distractions


  1. You are welcome. I will keep updating this post when I find free new material that I think is usefull.

  2. thanks for sharing this, that starscash script saved my life :)

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