Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday spew

Today I had one the most tilting sessions from the last months. My runbad moved from 100NL to 25-50NL and I quickly lost about 6buy-ins because of coolers. 2 good TAG regulars observed that I was not quite playing my A-game and decided, to adjust, by calling my preflop shoves with AQ for 100bb(this is the the first session ever in witch, I get more than one reg to pay me off with less than a premium holding preflop - most of the time the chinise regs love to call me light). The entire session was pretty filled with spew both from me, other regs and fish. Sadly I finished the session break-even and 4buy-ins below all in EV. Here are some interesting hands:


This hand was almost a flip preflop (60/40): 

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