Friday, December 21, 2012

2 different ways to play kings

Today I survived the end of the world.... That is allways nice!!! I also played some poker...

In this hand bt was a 24/17 reg over 6900 hands and bb was a 66/1/0.7 whale (I had reads on him that he allways limp/3bets only AA and calls with everything else). When he squiezzes I am 120% he has AA. So I decided to just set-mine, given the great implied odds:
Nice hand sir... One orbit later: Hello kings again.... I get involved with the same villains again, but this time I have the best hand(on the flop and I forced the reg to fold the eventual winning hand and made him tilt in the chat -see the picture below)....

Here is the HUD of this unique whale... That 1% PFR is so sick...:

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