Monday, December 31, 2012

December 2012 review

December was the second most swingy month I had this year. I had two 40000+hands breakeven streches. It is a shame I could not run better because the games where so good and I could have made a lot of money. In the last day of the month I had my worst session ever (-600$ at 25-100NL) and eventually had to stop playing before I lose even more. Its just variance...
The final numbers for December are as follows:
135,909 Hands Played
11,612 VPPs
+$2,056 (cash game profits)
+$650 (FPP value)
+$180 (coaching)
+$2,886 (Total Month)
And the graph and results by stakes:
 Here are my goals for 2013.  Happy new year and good luck to everybody in 2013...


  1. haha nice, how to play 3 Hands at 2/4$ and make 500$ profit :-(

    and how to add these progress-bars to your blog?
    would like to use them too :)

    gl in 2013

    1. hey...Thank you.
      Here is the big pot from 400PL:
      Here is how to add the progress bars:
      Happy news year and good luck in 2013...:)


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