Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 year review

Blog statistics and starting my poker "pro" carrer:

On 4 january 2012 I quit my job (because of the 350$/month wage and bad working conditions) and decided to play online poker for a living. In 2011, I had played my first poker hand in may, and by the end of the year I made 8000$ profits by going from 25-200NL mostly on party poker (the games where very soft back than). In january 2012 I decided that I will start playing on pokerstars, so that I could reach supernova (just the rakeback from supernova would cover my expenses for living). 

The first month was very brutal for me... I ran extremely bad and was way below all in ev. Also I had no reads on anybody, did not table select almost at all and I was getting pretty crushed. I was playing too loose and too aggresive and not folding in spots where I was beat 100%.  Also it was not good for me that I was playing mostly 50-200NL, limits witch have very good regs. Overall january was a disaster for me and my pro carrer thing was not going as planed for me. I started getting coached and moved down to 25NL, hoping that I could start winning again and fix my game and get some confidence back. After I moved down to 25NL in january I still have not been able to move up limits and only play 100+NL like I would have liked in 2011(each time I move up I run bad at the higher limits and get coolered and end up moving back down to 25NL). In february I was still way below all in ev but I started winning some money at least. Since than I never had a losing month  and also all my months in 2012 I was up in term of all in EV.

In may 2012 I created my blog(hoping that it would be good for me). At first I did not have any readers at all and only started making more blog posts in september. I also started spamming 2+2 with my blog and eventually poker players started visiting my blog... THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT HAS READ OR JOINED MY BLOG.

Here are the 2012 blog statistics:
  • 52 posts
  • 8,379 page visits
  • 20 members
  • 59 countries visited my blog
Here are the links to the monthly results posts I made in 2012:
september results
octomber results
november results
december results

2012 poker results:

The final numbers for 2012 are as follows:
1,335,159 Hands Played  --- 109,973 VPP's
+$22,282 (cash game profits)
+$6,000 (rakeback)
+$28,282 (Total yearly profits)

 Monthly results:
Graph of profits in $:
Graph of profits in bb:
Showdown winnings in $:
Showdown winnings in bb:
Graph of winning/losing days:
Results by position (I can't post results by stacks because HM crashes when I try to run the filter):

Looking back at the results, I have to be pleased with my results, because I made almost 10 times the money that I would have made if I continued working at my job (I am unhappy that I did not find about poker sooner - it would have been nice to play in the 2008-2010 or even earlier games). I am happy that I quit my job... I am not pleased with my low volume, my tilt control and the silly mistakes I make sometimes. In 2013, just by doubling my volume and having better tilt control should allow me to achieve mutch better results... Here are my goals for 2013. 



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    1. Ty Rosh. Good luck to you also in 2013. I hope you will crush.

  2. very nice graph, and congrats on the serious upgrade in earnings! may you continue to improve, profit and prosper in 2013!


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