Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tips for keeping your poker and banking info safe

After I heard about a couple of players that had their pokerstars account hacked and lost their online balance and the mass psihing attempt on 2+2 to hack everyones accounts I decided to make a post about what I consider to be important for keeping your personal passwords safe:

  • Use a separate email adress for your pokerstars and online banking. This way you will not receive any dangerous emails and it will he hard for someone to hack your password if only you, pokerstars and the bank know your email. Probably gmail is the safest email provider because it has a sms  feature, that if you activate, you will receive a message on your telephone,  each time someone tryes to login into your email from a new location, with a special numeric code(even if the guy that tryes to log in has your password he will not be able to access your email without the code that is sent to your mobile phone). 
  • Use strong passwords to your email. The password should contain some random letters+numbers+symbols. A common way hackers crack email passwords is by guessing the "secret questions"(these should also be random words, not the actual answer to the question). I recomend you write down the list with all your accounts and passwords and secret questions on a notebook or agenda, so you don't keep it on your computer and don't risk forgetting some of it.
  • All your passwords should be different (facebook, emails, pokerstars, etc).
  • Do not open any suspicious emails (any email from an unknown that only contains a link in it, or is not really that important to read). I just mark these emails as spam and from that moment if I receive more of them, they will not reach my inbox.
  • Don't click on any banners that say that you won something. 99% of the time you did not win anything but you risk losing something by clicking those links :)
  • Use a "noscript" addon for mozilla or google chrome. Each time you browse online sites it will block all the advertising and things that popout of the webpages that you visit. This feature will definetly make online surfing mutch safer. I know that torrent sites have a lot of things that popup and my antivirus used to tell me that most popups tryed to infect me with a trojan(after using noscript all the popups are blocked which is nice)
  • Use a strong antivirus. The best free ones are Avast and Avira. You should also make sure that they are updated everyday.
  • Use a RSA token authentification device for even more protection. Banks and pokerstars offer this option for clients that want even more protection. This device gives you a special code that is required to login into your account and even if someone hacks your password it will be extremely unlikely that he will be able to acces your account if you have a RSA token activated.


  1. Cant believe that in 2013 still ppls pokeraccounts getting hacked...

    for FullTilt and Stars players the RSA-TOKEN IS A MUSTHAVE and should be Nr.1 in your list!!

    anyway good post and standart if u handle srs with money at the interwebs ;-)

  2. thank you. The rsa token is pretty expansive however for a non-supernova micro stakes player. I think it is important that these players protect themselfs from hackers....:)


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