Friday, December 28, 2012

My goals for 2013

After thinking about going for supernova elite in 2013 for a while, I have decided that it is too soon, to try it (mostly because I would need a 40k$ bankroll to be comfortable in the sng's that I intend to play and now I have only 20k$). So I will play it safe and start by going for the 400k VPP/year milestone and if my bankroll gets a bit healphier and the smaller buy-in sng's (I will play the 35$ buy-ins for now) work well for me, I will resume the chase for sne somewhere in march or april. 

My goals for 2013 are the following:
  • to create a daily schedule for playing poker and respect it (in 2012 I just played whenever I felt like it - which is not a optimal strategy)
  • to play 250k hands/month
  • to make 150buy-ins profit each month(I need to maintain my 2012 winrate and play 250k hands/month for this)
  • to make 33.000VPP's/month
  • to add CAP tables to my normal tables, so I can make more VPP's 
  • to never check holdem manager results again, while playing in a session (I allready started doing this this week - this concept will be huge for me in terms of tilt control and also playing more hands) 
  • to make 10.000$ profits/month (including all types of money like winnings, rakeback, staking, etc)
  • to find a way to stop losing money when I cash-out [I lose money mostly because of pokerstars-moneybookers-bank curency convertion rates(each one also adds a couple of %'s to the conversions) which have really screwed me so far --- I lose like 200$ every time I cash out 3.000$, which is a lot of money for me]
  • to start investing my poker profits in a low variance business in order to overcome inflation (just keeping the money in a bank is a losing strategy in my countrie)
  • to start donating 5-10% of profits to charity
  • to eat only healphy foods and go to the gym regularly
I just found out this week about the progress bar that stars offers, which is pretty cool and also usefull... I used to have it set to show how mutch I have left to the next milestone, but now I set it to show my VPP progress on a daily basis (which will allow me to see how mutch volume I put without checking holdem manager). Very nice feature...


  1. Mostly i like the charity and gym part. Also when you will find how to pay less fees for moneybookers , let me know :) . All in all your plans look very nice. Best off luck with it

  2. Thank you Andrius. I am thinking about completly dumping moneybookers and just cashoung out directly to my bank to save more money. I am really not sure what I should do. My moneybookers account is in usd so when I cashout pokerstars converts my dolars into euros and sends them to moneybookers(which converts the money into dolars) and than I withdraw from moneybookers and they convert the money into back to euros and my bank converts euros into my local curency. Each of these steps losess me money cause they use the international currencys but they add a couple of procents each time the money is converted. So I basicly just burn a lot of money.

  3. I just cashout directly to my bank account and its fine. Not sure if it is an issue in your country?

  4. Yeah.... I might have to try that also. Do you pay taxes for your profits rosh? With moneybookers the transaction looks more clean.

  5. UK is currently tax free. Poker is deemed as gambling :) and any gambling including lotteries, sports betting, casino gaming etc is not taxable

    1. Very nice. I am not sure what legislation we have in romania, but I think that citezens are expected to pay taxes for all the incomes they have.

  6. gl with doubt you'll make it!
    on the tax thing...i thinks its 25% they take for everything over 600ron which is about 170-180$.


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