Thursday, December 6, 2012

1bb=50cents; 1buy-in=50euros; having my quads get payed by the 4card flush=priceless

lol at these videos and the hand I played today (so



  1. i alrd wrote in chat... so obv AA after ur min5bet and the gaybet at flop ^^ but tablemaniac doesnt cared :(

  2. I did not see I was sure he would spazz out before the river and raise all in with something like 33 ... He did not bite it... I love these hands so mutch.... Too bad they are so rare...

    1. and educating fish is -EV at least by the way... I actually consider it a leak... Try not to do it next

  3. Its dead sometimes... Once in a while we find a big fishy guy. I only started playing recently. I can't imagine how the games where 3years


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