Monday, December 3, 2012

interesting session

Just finished my session from today. I ran 8 buy-ins under EV but still booked a 110$ profit which is nice. At one point the tables where so bad that I had to open some PLO tables and I got crushed a bit there (second nuts < nuts in all hands)... Here are some cool hands from today:

I don't understand what villain was doing here(backdoor pair?):

another funny hand:

in this hand I was happy on the turn that "villain was drawing dead" - I forgot about the flush draw...:


  1. ;(

    First Hand i would def Squeeze bit more ~ 9-10$, then bet flop 12-13, ship turn vs fish


  2. hey,

    It was pot limit preflop... I did not have any reads(no hands) on the fish at that moment so I did not want to scare him of... With that small sizing I can allow him to jam over with something like AJ(2overs), or I can 3barell small and stack in by the river. I expected his range to be very week so I don't really bet big. In 3bet pots I usually use the same sizing against everybody but a conformed whale(half pot).



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