Sunday, December 2, 2012

HM2 releases sick new pop-ups

One of the worst things about HM2 was that it had really ugly and messed up pop-ups (both esteticly and tehnically). A couple of days ago they realeased some new default pop-ups witch are incredible. They look way more pretty, better organized and you have more space availeble to add other important stats to them. I think they copied these pop-ups from pokertracker, but I really don't mind it, because its all about our profit and winrate and these pop-ups will give us a bigger edge other the competition. In the next days I will spend a lot of time adding other stats to these default pop-ups and hopefully they will help me get better reads on villains.

Here are 2 screenshots of these sick new pop-ups (one from the HM website and one from my database):

For players that use HM1 and did not switch to HM2, or curious pokertracker users, I will present my opinions on witch one is the better software(I currently use both of them at the same time):
  • why use HM1 instead of HM2 -  HM1 is a very stable and reliable software. You can play as many tables as you want and the software runs impecable if if you have a weak computer. It is very fast, does not lag or crash. HM2 needs way more CPU and memory and even with a high end computer it will run slower than HM1 and HM2 will crash on a regular basis. HM1 has the option to open more HM windows witch helps when you review your database and you want to also open a new window with an other players stats so you can compare yourself to him. HM1 has the option to run player reports (so for example you can get a list with all the regs in your database that have a VPIP between 13-15%, or you can get a report with the biggest winners from your database, etc)
  • why use HM2 instead of HM1 - HM2 has a faster import hand speed. HM2 has many many more usefull stats that can be placed on the HUD or pop-ups. If you use HM2 you can also use notecaddy, witch is a sick program. HM2 is compatible with runittwice on pokerstars(HM1 will never be compatible according to the guys from their support). Hopefully HM2 will try to fix its biggest leak soon (crashing too mutch and using too mutch CPU and memory - a easy fix would be to allow users to disable features that they don't use - witch will free up a lot of computer power).
 Here is also a video with the new features that HM2 has:


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