Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fml spot vs a fish

The fish was 50/40/10. I value bet flop and turn  and face a overbet lead on the river.... In general the leads on the river are nuttish. I put him on the backdoor flush, folded and he was kind enough to show me that he actually had better than a flush...lol... nice hand sir... 


  1. wow great fold I woudn't have given him credit for a flush lol.

  2. Thank you. I am glad I didn't have a flush myself... lol

  3. Raise way more preflop (pot limit holdem i would raise full pot - which i strangly enough dont see any of the other regs do)

    Bet way more flop and turn, these type of boards if a fish is gonna call they are gonna call big bets. You dont have to balance your betsize here at all (maybe if you have Durrr behind to act, but other than that no)

    Good fold on river :)


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