Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unexpected result

I don't quite understand this hand that I played today:
Both villains where 20/0/0 over 10 hands. Given the preflop action, I decided to make a pretty healphy 4bet, so I can isolate someone and take the flop HU. I get 2 callers(witch is a bit weird, given my sizing) and have less than a pot sized bet left. I decide to check, because I had the board crushed, villains range can't have a lot of strong hands and I have 2 streets of betting left with a small spr. 1 guy bets small, gets called and I also call. The turn brings a straight draw and a flush draw. I shove to get value from all the draws and worst pairs and sets. I am really surprised to see the hand that villain had(he was only 20VPIP so I did not expect him to call a huge 4bet that light preflop).


  1. Ouch, too bad river didn't pair the board.

  2. Hey. Thank you. But the hand is completly standard. I get at least 3 of these every day. I had far worst coolers. I just posted the hand just because the call preflop from villain was interesting, and I did not expect it.

  3. Interesting hand but after 10 Hands u cant make the conclusion about a players playstyle maybe if he plays 100/100 ^^
    anyways good luck and cant wait to see ur yearly graph, will inspire me for 1213

  4. thank you. I hit some sick variance in the last week. December is the worst month so far from this year.


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