Sunday, November 18, 2012

Longest session

Today I managed to play my longest session ever in terms of number of hands -- 9758 hands. I feel like I play very good, in these long session compared to playing shorter sessions with breaks in between. Looking back into the past holdem manager comfirms this. So from now on I will try to play 5000-6000 hand sessions every day to see how it goes. Here are the results from my longest sessions from this year:
I am very close to making supernova (I need only 5000 more VPP's) so I am going to play a lot this month and try to  bink supernova in the next couple of days. I also played a lot of sitngos lately to see if it is possible to put a lot of volume in these, and evaluate if I could go for sne next year by mixing cash play (I estimate I could make 300,000VPP's at my current stakes) and sng's (I would need to make 700,000VPP's - and also be at least breakeven in these - in order to be motivated to go for sne)... 

I found out today that sng's play very very different in sundays, compared to the rest of the week. A lot of players have no ideea of what ranges they are suposed to shove/call or any ICM and I will definetly need to adjust to these villains.

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