Friday, November 30, 2012

Folding AA preflop??

Over the last week my stars software has been lag'ing very hard and causing problems. Today, while playing a table popped up out of nowhere and I ended up clicking my mouse on the fold button.... I had AA preflop(I fold AA preflop about once every 2 months because of mass-tabling and missclicks). The interesting part is that I would have probably lost the hand anyway (lol at the postflop action), but there is a good chance I would have got stacks in preflop, due to the sizing the villain made and his stack....

This reminds of another sick fold I made a couple of months ago, hand witch I will never forget for the rest of my life, because of how tilting it was. I was on a fast table and did not realise that I did not have any time left in my time bank. Villain (a huge whale) made a very small bet and while I was typeing a raise in the bet-box my time expired and  my hand was auto-folded. After that, the villain showed me his hand(he was never folding it). This is definetly the hand that tilted me the most, since I started playing poker. Here are both hands:


  1. missclicks and timeouts are -EV.....:(

  2. yes alin. It tilted me so so bad. The first time I punched my desk. Since than I don't mess around with speed tables. I try to make snap decesions there.


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