Thursday, November 1, 2012

Octomber 2012 Review

Octomber was a average month for me, until the last 6 days in witch I hit one of the worst downswings that I had this year (a strech of hands in witch I was not winning any medium or big pots)... It took me a while before I realized that I should move down in stakes to regain confidence in myself and get some momentum back(this cost me a lot of money ... ). 25NL was allways a limit that I crushed no matter how bad I ran and it is allways relaxing to play there... This month was the best for me in volume however... I upgraded my poker setup by buying a 27" dell monitor, witch has a sick resolution and will definetly help me play bigger volume and focus more.

Here are the results from september:
123,390 Hands Played
10,443 VPPs

+ 1,793$(Cash Game Winnings)
+ 417$ (FPP Cash Bonus)
+ 2,210$ (Total Month)

And the graph and results by stakes:

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