Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crazy session

This month was pretty normal so far for me. Every month I have about 3-5 days in witch I basicly lose all pots bigger than 30bb. I used to solve this by using a 4 buyin stop-loss. Today, because I had a 89VPIP deep staked whale at 100NL, I decided to continue and ignore my stop-loss and 1 table with the whale. When I run bad and tilt, I don't spew or do anything crazy(sometimes I make a bad call with AA or don't fold a set and that is pretty mutch how I tilt). Today however was a disaster.... It is definetly one of my 5 worst sessions ever. Here is the graph and some of the big hands:
In this hand villain was 74/57/50 and I made a non-standard 4bet using a weird sizing because the whale would have called it with any 2 cards and the other regs would have 4bet themselfs if they had a hand with witch they where prepared to go preflop...Sometimes the whales fold a hand like A2 to a allin but they don't to an other sizing... I think that from now on I will only raise pot or allin to avoid situations like this one....
villain is 40/15/13 in this hand... Its pretty standard. I could have went all in preflop with it
The rest of the hands are versus a 89/24/18 whale that totally owned me in this session... He was calling down regs with 4th pair in 400bb pots but I could simply not win a hand versus him...
Here the player that raised me on the turn was a very tight regular and so I restricted his range to exactly 99, 78 and a few combinations of 2 pair (I am sure that he would have folded all of these hands to my shove on the turn)... I did not raise the turn, so that the whale would not be scared and have a chance to fold his weak pair hands.

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