Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1 million hand mark passed this year

I passed a couple of days ago, the 1million hand mark for this year. Unfortunetly, this year I put in a smaller volume than I would have wanted, mostly because short term bad luck and tilt make me play less. Looking at the graph of year, however, I realise that I really should not have cared about run-bad and variance and just focused on putting more volume in.

My goals for the next million hands are:
- to play more than 30% of my volume at 100-200NL
- to play at least 150,000 hands/month
- to continue improving my game
- to learn to play sng's and possibly go for sne next year playing 100-200NL (FR+CAP) and sng's.

Here is the graph for this year in bb's:


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