Wednesday, November 21, 2012


In the last couple of days I did not get mutch going. I hit another period in witch I get rivered 120% of the time after barelling with a very strong hand. Also I had a couple of regs that doing some sick bad plays against me, but eventually sucked out on me witch has tilted me a bit. The good thing is that I don't do huge mistackes when tilted(and don't lose that mutch money either). The only bad thing is that tilt stops me from putting in the volume that I would have liked to(this is why I am sad).

Anyway here are some cool hands played today(I love the boom player... The other one I used to use crashed a couple of days ago:(.):

Facing the classic limp/3bet from a fish is allways scary(especially when they do it with a very disguised hand... I am happy he played it perfectly postflop):

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