Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 6 report of my 10.000$ in 75days challenge

 Fitness update: I still weight 74kg... Muscle mass increased a bit and fat weight decreased.  I went 5 days to the gym and continued to eat healthy.  I think I reached the lowest weight that my body can handle, so I will focus from now more on muscle building.

Poker results update: I had another nice week. I think that I played resonably well and played my A game most of the time.
Here are the graphs and winrate/volume stats (this week I also won 100$ in sng's/mtt's):

 And overall challenge results (I also have 480$ won in mtt's/sng's)--- total results 5.685$: 


  1. Congratz! Very Nice!

    Do you use TN2? My TN2 going slow after 20-30min. I have a very good PC, so I don't know why. Maybe Tablescan Turbo and TN2+HM2 is too much for my memory. Does your TN2 enough fast in 24-32 tables?

    1. Thanks.

      I don't use TN2.... I think its way too expensive. I still have and use TN1 which was payed only once and still does its job even if it doesnt get updates.

      HM2 used to crash my sessions twice a day when I used to have 16GB ram memory. After I upgraded to 24GB it started crashing less. I think the bigger your database the more crashes you get. A good ideea is to make new databases every 2 months to keep the small and fresh.

      Good luck.


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