Thursday, November 21, 2013

My biggest pot in terms of bb's that I played in the past days

Villain was a 25/6/3 passive fish both preflop and postflop. On the turn I felt like I wanted to puke, I put villain on 8x but was getting crazy odds and also implied odds to call and bink a A or a Q. But it seems like that was a terrible plan, lol. I probably should have bet more on the the turn and folded to the check raise. How would you guys play this hand this deep?

Also for my romanian readers don't forget that tomorrow is BLACK FRIDAY. If you need any electronics, IT devices, phones, laptops, etc at really cheap prices (the date was moved to tomorrow from 29th november because one store tried to move the date 1 week earlier to steal clients from the other stores, and the other stores followed the example to avoid losing customers, lol). I will buy at least a mobile phone and a gaming mouse, but probably more products based on how good the prices will be. Here are the list of products from some of the major stores:

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  1. bet/fold bigger at turn, too many draws possible.

    gl with your shopping tour ^^


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