Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 4 report of my 10.000$ in 75days challenge

 Fitness update:lost 1 kg... Now I weight 74kg... Muscle mass increased a bit and fat weight decreased.  I went 6 days to the gym and continued to eat healthy.

Poker results update: Low volume week and also my first losing week of my challenge so far. I think that I played resonably well and maybe tilted off about 100$ in the middle of the week, but overall I am happy with the way I played. Given my results so far I don't think I will be able to win the 10k$ by the end of the challenge.But I will still try.
Here are the graphs and winrate/volume stats (this week I also lost 20$ in sng's/mtt's):

And overall challenge reults(I also have 180$ won in mtt's/sng's)--- total results 3.325$: 

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