Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 5 report of my 10.000$ in 75days challenge and half challenge stats

 Fitness update: I still weight 74kg... Muscle mass increased a bit and fat weight decreased.  I went 5 days to the gym and continued to eat healthy.

Poker results update: I had a nice week. I think that I played resonably well and played my A game most of the time. Given my results so far in my challenge I am almost certain that I wont be able to win the 10k$ by the end of the challenge. It is too hard to do it while playing mostly 25-50NL. However I think that with rakeback I will make it.

Here are the graphs and winrate/volume stats (this week I also won 200$ in sng's/mtt's):

And overall challenge results (I also have 380$ won in mtt's/sng's)--- total results 4.606$: 

  redline graph

 top winning and loosing sessions (I won in 25 sessions and lost in 11 sessions):


  1. great results as usual , gratz mate!

    thinking alot about my game recently and came to the conclusion i suck at loosing up, i play to fency and "overadapt" most of the time. result is 0-2bb/100
    Pure ABC and something like 12/10 or 13/11 gave me 4-6bb/100

    should take some coaching lessions from the best "nit" at 25/50 FR ^^

    1. haha.... I have the same problem.... When I try to loosen up I instantly lose a couple of buyins.... Everybody hates folding vs me, so I can hardly find good spots to bluff. Probably at higher limits people respect the raises a little more.

  2. Nice winrate! Who cares if you are a nit or not when you can win like that. I think NL25/NL50 players believe they have to play a lag style but it is not true at all; actually many midstake players are a 14/12 or sth like that and they have impressive results. Congratz!

  3. Do you play different limits simultaneously for table selection purposes, or do you play 25nl one day and 50nl another day etc ?

    1. I mix them toghther. Not really for table selection, but just because thats how I allways played and I got used to it. 25NL gives me steady results, while 50NL brings a little more winnings and more vpp's.


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