Saturday, November 9, 2013

Really cool new firefox free addon - lightbeam

A new app lets you see which websites may be tracking you. If you visit something like 5 websites your info gets sent in many more places. You can see where using this new addon. this is a screenshot from my app after reading just 3 blog articles, lol....:


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  2. Hey! I tried your style and I won 12bi, after I lost 3bi/be during 8k hand. How often you get downswings and how big?
    What do you think what is the best time for play?

    1. Best time is afternoon Hungary time, but I usually can't play than. Downswings for me are usually 10-20buyins max and I get about 3/4 of them/month

  3. Thank you! Do you mix stakes or only play in NL25 or NL50 in same time.


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