Saturday, November 30, 2013

A second challenge

I decided to start a second challenge. I actually made a propbet on this on a romanian forum. If I succed I will receive 2100$ and if I fail I will lose 525$. The goal is to win 1000$(without rakeback) in max 14 days playing only 10NL on pokerstars. So this means if I play:
  • 8 hours/day - 112.000hands in 14 days - I need a 8.92bb/100 winrate
  • 9 hours/day - 126.000hands in 14 days - I need a 7.93bb/100 winrate
  • 10 hours/day - 140.000hands in 14 days - I need a 7.14bb/100 winrate
  • 11 hours/day - 154.000hands in 14 days - I need a 6.49bb/100 winrate
  • 12 hours/day - 168.000hands in 14 days - I need a 5.95bb/100 winrate
Please tell what you think about this and if you think I will succed.

The results from the first day(a huge disaster):


  1. dont know how the games are at nl10 but seems doable

  2. I honestly think you can have a 10bb/100 win rate at nl10

    1. lol.... I know you had that winrate at 50NL.... but I am so much worse of a player. I only have 5bb/100 at 25NL in large sample.... Honestly I will be thrilled with a 7bb/100 winrate at 10NL. This is the biggest bet/challenge of my life, lol.... I hope I make it to the end.

  3. Have you made any calculations how much the rake is at 10NL? Perhaps it is too high making it almost impossible to maintain 10bb/100.

    1. yeah.... rake must be around 10bb/100.... And there are not that many fish... So I am aiming for 7bb/100.... Hopefully I make it


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