Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WBCOOP 2013 (World Blogger Chamionship Of Poker)

The WBCOOP is back. This year’s series runs from March 1-11, and will have 31 different tournaments, in a range of different formats, including a $5,000 guaranteed No Limit Hold’em Main Event on Monday, March 11. There will also be a prize for anyone who manages to bust any Team PokerStars Pros making an appearance throughout the series,consisting in a $22 SCOOP ticket. For more information about this series check out Here is the tournament schueduel:
Along with those prizes there will also be some additional prizes - $5,000 will also be awarded to the Best Blogger, $1,000 to the Best Live Tweeter, and $500 to the Best Female Blogger and a leaderboard in which the players with the highest points achieved as part of the Promotion will be awarded:
  1. 1st place: Trophy, $5,000 tournament dollars for use, 2013 SCOOP Main Event ticket and PokerStars branded poker chip set;
  2. 2nd place: $55 SCOOP 2013Ticket, $1,000 T-dollars and PokerStars branded chip set.
  3. 3rd place: $500 T-dollars, $22 SCOOP 2013 Ticket and PokerStars  branded chip set.

My best pokerstars moment:

I started playing poker on pokerstars a little more than a year ago. I tried out all the formats availeble including sng's, mtt's and cash games across many ranges of buy-ins. My best moment while playing on Pokerstars was when I realized that I could be a long term winning player in the online poker games on pokerstars, and that I was actually winning more money than at my regular job. So at the start of january 2012 I quit my job and started playing micro-small stakes poker for a living, on pokerstars. My goal was to reach supernova status and I managed that in december 2012. In the process I played over a million poker hands and a few thousand sitngo's and I had the oportunity to play with some great players and improve my poker skills. During this wonderfull period I was also fortunate to play on a milestone table which was also very exciting for me. The only thing that I still want to acomplish is to reach the final table of an mtt and so far I did not even get close to reaching this goal. But there is a lot of variance in poker and I will keep trying.

I have to say that pokerstars is definetly the best online poker site, that is out there, by far, at all the possible categories (email support, the biggest player pools, software quality, possibility to play on mobile devices, the best rakeback, the best online poker school etc). I would also like to thank pokerstars for giving back to its players in various promotions like the wbcoop. If I win the prize for the best blogger this year I will donate 20% of it to a charity and invest the rest of the money.

I want to wish everyone good luck during the wbcoop and scoop and I will see you at the tables. :)


  1. Hi,

    I would like to ask you a question regarding your views on Pokerstars` WBCOOP Series.

    Firstly it has come to my attention that Pokerstars are not evaluating the rules which clearly state that players must have made a blog to participate in the WBCOOP. Players are being allowed to join the WBCOOP and clearly they have not made a blog so is it right that if a player wins this tournament without making a blog that it is legal as stated in theirT&Cs?

    I think that Pokerstars should implement their rules as stated in the T&Cs and not allow players to join the WBCOOP.

    What are your views on this matter ?


    P.S Please spread the word and post in this thread

    1. Hello buddy,

      I am not sure what to say about what you commented there. Its the money of pokerstars and they can do what they consider ok with it. I agree that having players that don't meet the requirements, play the wbcoop, is -EV for the players that meet all the rules. But I think that the players should just be happy with oportunity that they received and be happy for the free tickets that they will get. Pokerstars could have just not made the wbcoop 2013 at all and than noone would receive tickets.

      I made my post 6days ago and followed all the required steps like: tweeting the link and having a 500 word post, and having a 1 year old blog that was regularly updated, but I still have not received the 10 tickets. I sent 2 emails to pokerstars trying to see why I did not not my tickets but they didn't respond to my emails. I respect pokerstars's decision and don't feel angry to what I consider might be some injustice against me.

      Good luck in the wbcoop guys.

  2. Dan, u defo qualify.

    Check your lobby, requests>Tournament tickets.

    Did u submit the Stars blog entry page properly because I did this wrong the first year they ran it?

    1. Hey rosh. Thank you for your support. I checked in requests>Tournament tickets 3times in each day. I tweeted the blog url twice and emailed stars support and also the adress for wbcoop registration problems twice but did not get any responce. When I try to register to a wbcoop event it tells me I don't have any tickets. Its sad for me but I am not going to beg or insist too mutch(2 emails is enough to get them to see what I want). The wbcoop is almost at the middle stages so now I am even less motivated to play it(I have less NLH tournaments to choose from and I dont know other forms of poker).

      "Stars blog entry page properly" - There is no reason for it not to work. I also did it with com instead of ro the second time just to be sure but still with no result

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Just saw u already tried the .com on theirs

    2. so there isn't mutch else I should do right?

    3. Probably forget about it. Prizes are so small anyway. Its a good exercise for stars marketing. They get all the bloggers to advertise for them :)


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