Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013 review

This month was my best month ever in terms of winnings, volume and VPP's. I managed this, by finally not checking HM results in mid-sessions (I kept saying that I will do this for some time but it was harder to do than just saying it). This really helped me put in long sessions without tilting too mutch and is the best way to aproach poker, for me at least. I have allways done well in my long sessions and poorly in my short sessions and I almost allways start each session with loosing money, and if I play long enough I only have very few losing sessions. 

My winrate was not spectacular(it was smaller than what I had last year) and I did not run that well either(there is quite a bit of all in ev gap and a lot of setups). The tables where worse than they where last year maybe because the breakeven regs got coaching and now play better. I have to say that have also spewed about 500-1000$ but I guess this is lower than other regs do it in a 180k hand sample, so I don't feel to bad about it(I posted some of the spews in the hands I posted). 

Next month I plan to play at least 200k hands, to work on my game versus shortstackers and to play zoom when tables suck. Here are the final numbers and graphs:

February 2013 poker results:

185,2604 Hands Played  --- 15,500 VPP's
+$3,218 (cash game profits)
+450$ (million $ freeroll cash)
+45$ (100k freeroll cash)
+$868 (FPP value)
+$4,581 (Total profits)


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