Saturday, February 16, 2013

hands that remind me of the milestone promotion

I had a pretty crazy session today. A couple of the hands I played remind me of the billion hand milestone promotion where everybody goes all in(only the fish that played 90VPIP previous to that hand fold, because everybody is all In this session I finished 400$ below all in EV :(... Here are the hands(not all the players where fish.... Half of them where regs):


  1. How comes ur sitting wit $46 on a NL100 table?

  2. It was on a smaller site where I only deposited 300$ and I didnt want to put 1/3 of my roll on a table. If all the gisg are short the winrate is not going to be mutch lower if I also shortstack. I also shortstack 600NL cause I don't feel confortable losing 1200+$ pots...


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