Friday, February 1, 2013

January 2013 Review

In january I pretty mutch failed every goal I set at the start of the year. Bad tables(worse compared to 2012) +bad luck+some tilt=deadly cocktail for me... Its the worst month out of the last 12 and I am breakeven in the last 140k hands(since the end of december). The runbad also caused me to move a bit down in limits and influenced my VPP's. But runbads and long breakeven periods are pretty standard for everyone and we have to work on our game even more during these periods and after they are over we become better players... So enough with the complaining.... Here are the final numbers and graphs:

January 2013 poker results:

132,295 Hands Played  --- 9,577 VPP's
+$710 (cash game profits)
-$30 (PLO cash game looses)
+75$ (TCOOP cash)
+$536 (FPP value)
+$1,291 (Total profits)



  1. I am confused. You say in your post your break even in the last 140k hands but for january you list $700+ in cash game profits in 132k hands. I don't understand.

  2. I lost about 800$ in the last 2 days of december 2012..... so in the last 32days or 140k hands I am basicly breakeven. You can see the december graph here:


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