Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 2013 results

In april I made 2 years since I made my first poker deposit...But I totally lost motivation for grinding last month.  At the middle of the month I won  my biggest pot ever , but after that, I hit a extremely brutal 30buy-in downswing which caused me to take a couple of days off. Overall my winrate was very poor and volume was even worse.

I don't have any new legal information about the political regulation of online poker in Romania, but so far the signs are not pretty. Since 30th april 2013 Party Poker Stops Accepting New Players from 18 Countries, including Romania (because of their new player pool segregation policy - too many romanian regs compared to number of fish/too mutch withdraws and too little deposits, etc... and a uncertain legal future). Party poker was the first poker site on which I made a deposit and I built my poker bankroll there starting from 50$, in my first months of playing, so it makes me feel a bit sad/dissapointed regarding all the actions they took this year... A simillar action was also taken by Bodog/Bovada poker a couple of months ago (they now only accept countries with softer reg/fish ratio and strong economy/weatlhy population).

April 2013 poker results:

130,880 Hands Played  --- 10,500 VPP's
+2,536 $ (cash game profits)
-100 $ (tourney losses)
+588 $ (FPP value)
+$3,024 (Total profits)


  1. Nice results man.

    You may have to join us all in the UK

    1. thank you. I was thinking about relocating to a countrie that has lower life costs, like Moldova for example. But UK, Canada and Australia are definetly the best places in the world, to play poker, at least from the healphy regular/recreational player ratio at micro/samll stakes perspective.


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