Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Anyone know how to make this window appear next to the right table?

In the last 2 months a weird pokerstars software bug has been annoying me a bit.
 How I want it to be and how it used to be before....
How it is now in some sessions.... You can see the closing table window appears on another monitor!!! This causes me to lose about 5seconds in dragging the mouse over monitors and back and turning my neck, etc each time I try to close a table, which happens a lot when 24tabling long sessions.
This bug is at really making me lose focus when masstabling and also making me have a higher averege responce time/hand which stops me from getting a table cap increase... Does anyone else have this message appear in the middle of the monitor or even on a another monitor, like in my case? Pokestars technical support just thanked me for giving them a improvement ideea and told me that have many 1000's of these, so I should not expect any resolution to this.


  1. I use table ninja 'jump mouse to active table' feature

  2. lol x rosh on your blog ^^
    Danutz vezi ca singura solutie e table ninja sau starcash script care-l gasesti pe 2+2 alta cale nu exista.


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