Monday, May 6, 2013

Tricky villain


  1. Hi danuuutz! I just have a couple of questions. Why not bet the flop? Why do you expect to extract from more hands on the turn than on the flop? Thank you:)+

    1. Yes. I expect to get a lot more value by betting the turn and river. The player was also very fishy and I expected him to check-raise any Kx, any draw and some air and lower pairs, but I did not want to stack off on that flop. I don't believe in "protecting the hand from draws" when I end up folding it at some point after getting raised. And as u can see because I have position I get to control the size as the final pot as I wish, while also trying to narrow down the range of villain.

    2. What would you do if villain CR turn?
      Would you have played differently if villain had 100bb stack?

      Thanks for your explanations

    3. I usually give a lot of credit to check-raises on the turn from fish and only continue with a weak hand if I had a note on villain that he checkraised as a bluff on turn in a previous hand. In this hand I would have folded.

      If he had 100bb I would have probably cbet flop with the intention of calling a small raise and reevaluating on later streets. I have mutch more room to invest chips, when a little more when deeper. With 40bb I expect him to put me all in by the turn or river a pretty large % of the time.


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