Friday, April 12, 2013

My new biggest pot ever and highest ever limit played today

Today I followed this villain from 50NL to 600NL and than to 600NL with antes. This is the highest limit I ever played(its almost like 1200NL if you add the antes to the blinds). He was extremely agressive(barelling and overbetting a lot, etc, lol) and he lost about 4 buyins in about 2 hours. Before this hand he just lost 2 big pots and I think he was pretty tilted by now and so I decided that his range was wide enough that I could get in AQo preflop and play my biggest ever. He had pretty good equity however because he had suited live cards and it was almost a flip. Here is my previous biggest pot.


  1. Nice hand

    I agree AQ is ahead of his range by the information given, so it was the correct play - even if u run into AK or something i would feel good about it.

    1. Yes. Thanks. After a fish loses a couple of big pots they usually get tilted and have a wide stack of range the next hand.


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