Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Players folding the nuts?

Pretty weird hand I had at a CAP table. 1 player open folded the flop without any bet and another player folded the river with the nut straight on the board. In order for something like this to be +EV I think it takes a very special type of hand, like a 200NL live game where the rake is very high and on the river the pot is only a couple big blinds and 1 player goes all in(huge overbet) and if the other players would call they will pay more rake than the few big blinds that they will chop. But if that happens I think that the dealer would penalise the players that folded because I don't think folding the nuts is permitted (colusion rules I think). But the guys in this hand where recreational players so it ok:

And there is a new Rafa Nadal PokerStars TV Ad.... I think its pretty cool..... I hope it brings many recreational players:


  1. Am I missing something??? why was that pot not a 3 way split?

  2. haha....Its a pokerhandreplayer.com bug/error....We did chop it 3way..... We all had the nuts.


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