Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ronaldo joins Team PokerStars

Former Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, AC Milan and World footballer of the year, striker Ronaldo joins tennis star Rafa Nadal and Boris Becker as a PokerStars ambassador. The "Fifa World Cup winner" will represent Team PokerStars online and in major live tournaments in Brazil over the coming months, the online poker giant has announced.

This is great news for the future of the micro/small stakes games on pokerstars in my opinion. 


  1. Please bring a million Brazilian newbies

    1. I think after Rafa Nadal joined pokerstars there where a lot of new recreational players. Pokerstars needs to make some advertising on TV as soon as posible. I think Ronaldo will have a even bigger impact. And there are not many brazilian regulars so most the new players will be inexperienced.

  2. wonder which games he will be playing.


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