Friday, June 21, 2013

Some helpfull poker tools

1. Poker Olymp Variance Calculator

A cool tool that shows you what kind of variance you will experience over a predifined period. In order to get accurate results you need a accurate long term winrate and your standard deviation (this is a stat that you can take out of your holdem manager and gives you an indication of how “swingy” your game is --- ex: mine is 59 because I am a nitty full ring nit; a 32/26/12 6max reg would probably have 97; etc). Below is a screenshot with what I get using my 2013 results so far:

2. Tilt breaker.

This is a program I plan to use next month, when I plan to do something very amibitious that I hope will help my winrate, volume and overall profit. Bassicly this program automaticly closes pokerstars, for hero when he loses x buyins in a session or when the program detects that hero is playing a less than A-game style/tilting.
Next month I plan to take out of my hm2 reports the: winnings, all in ev and winrate and play 1 month (my biggest ever volume), without checking results a single time. Tilt breaker should prevent me from going busto(probably won't happen anyway because I never had a losing month since I started playing on pokerstars and I have a 1000+ buyin bankroll). I will still continue to review hands and improve my game, but I will only know how mutch I won or lost, in the last day of the month. This will be a cool experiment that I hope will be +EV for me.

3.  Stars Helper

A worthy replacement for table ninja 1 (will likely not work anymore after the develepors decided to end the support in august and charge for TB2 a huge and -EV for me price =150$/year). I did not start using it yet but I am happy with the 2p2 player comments and everything so far. I really like the ideea of custom betsizing by position which will help me a lot.


  1. @ 1000 + buyin br: u havent learned from full tilt poker?

    @ not looking at graph + playing highest volume ever: u might have the worst month in history, i tryed something like that before.

    1. 1. I started playing poker after black friday.
      2. I keep just 50buyins online and the rest of my poker winnings are in the bank.
      3. "u might have the worst month in history" - I am willing to take this risk. many top pros have made a lot of money when trying this.

  2. Thanks for mention and help me to find Stars Helper. I am just trying trial version and I really like this soft.

  3. Will have to try starshelper once TN disappears, thx

    1. Welcome guys. I will try to post more usefull stuff on my blog in the future.

  4. std dev 59 only comes with nit+ play even at fullring. many players can calculate 2x swings of it, or even more at sh


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