Monday, June 24, 2013

Folding with 100:1 odds?

This month is going terrible for me. Weak volume, awfull results not a lot of VPP's, failed goals etc. Today I finally managed to have a winning session. I will post 2 unusual hands below:
Hand 1: Both villain are bad regs. The reg that had AA in this hand was 15/12/7 and he 3bet me 6 times in a row in this session. Finnally I eventually managed to stack him. The other guy that folded with almost 100:1 odds, was 14/7/0;   I really have no ideea what hand he would play that way... But at least he saved 1.75$. Good game.

Hand 2. Vs random villain, that I had 0 hands on. Well played sir:

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