Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 2013 results

Best month ever in terms of volume. Really bad month in term of results and winrate... I took a shot at zoom this month, but I am not that pleased with my results... In june I plan to play at least 350k hands and try to make 30k VPP's, because right now I am 20k VPP's behind the 200k pace, ehich is not good. Here are the final may 2013 results:

 May2013 poker results:

215,972 Hands Played  --- 13,500 VPP's
+1,501 $ (cash game profits) 
+45$ (100k freeroll cash)
-150$ (SCOOP losses)
+756$ (FPP value)
+$2,152 (Total profits)

zoom results:
non-zoom results:
complete graph:



  1. 2,1k profit is quite nice, though. What was your hourly this month? How many hours did it take you to play the 215k hands?
    Greetz, choco

    1. Thank you. But I usually expect to make more especially when I do huge volume. The winrate was really low this month. My hourly including rakeback was 11.56$/hour and I played 186 hours. Next month I definetly hope to play even more volume and maybe I also have better results.


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