Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 2 report of my 10.000$ in 75days challenge

Fitness update: Still same weight 75kg.... I went 5 days to the gym and continued to eat healphy.

Poker results update: Horible week...I am happy with how I played but I ran extremely poor. I hit 4 major downswings. Today I was so depressed about everything that I quit playing after 4 hours.... Basicly I am just losing every medium or big pot at showdown no matter how I play the hand or how much of a favorite I am preflop.... Hopefully things will eventually turn around....

Here are the graphs and winrate/volume stats (this week I also won 50$ in sng's/mtt's):

And overall challenge reults:


  1. You are at EV, I think it is okay. Heads up!

    1. All in ev does not allways represent how you run.... This week was basicly breakeven for me.... I consider it a week that was lost.

      Over the month I am still 500$ below all in ev and lifetime 4000$ below all in ev.


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