Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10.000$ in 75 days challenge

I am going to try to do a challenge in the last 75 days of 2013 and try to make 10.000$ at the tables (without rakeback - just cash and tournament profits). Its going to be pretty hard and I am not sure that I can make, but I will do everything I can. Hopefully this challenge will motivate me to play more and also improve my game.

I don't plan to move up in stakes(I actually want to ban myself from 400-600NL to avoid any losing any huge pots there). 95% of my volume will be 25-50NL like I play now. I will probably need to play 200+ hours/month and 600k+ hands during the challenge, and will also have to avoid a major downswing and also I relly on the games beeing a little softer in december.

Here is my graph so far for 2013(for the challenge I will need to double my volume or my profits):
I will make weekly updates on my blog about my progress and I will not check results in mid/sessions.

During this challenge I also plan to lose 5kg of body fat. I will go to the gym 5 times/week.
I wish everybody good luck at the tables.


  1. Just bink a tourney then challenge done :)

    GL and nice 2013 grpah

  2. good luck with your challange

    Awesome results as alway, i have still been following your blog althought need to get back blogging myself.
    How many tables do you play these days


  3. take the tournaments out and you got a real goal you can work on. i will also try the 10k for the rest of the year. good luck to both of us :)

    1. I dont play that many tournaments..... Just the ocasional sunday million, micromillions main event and stuff like that. But if I don't cash(which is what usually happens) the money I lose will force me to earn more in cash. I might also try to play some sng's....

    2. i make like 45$/h playing 50nl and if i play sngs with a roi of like 5% i have to multitable a shitload of tables or play extreme high limits compared to 50nl cg. i also quit tourneys since its just not worth it.

    3. Thanks for your advice. 45$/hour is a sick hourly. Good job.... I don't make more than 15$/hour. I still wish to play tournaments as a recreational/semi-recreational or whatever player sometimes.

  4. nice challenge ... pretty hard gl...
    what kind of mtts will mix?

  5. thanks.... I hope I make it.... Will be close however....

    Sunday million once a month, and all promotions like the1million$ carnival tournament that will be running this month, MFTOPS main event(because I received a free ticket),etc.... Basicly I play tournaments as a recreational player..... Thats pretty much it.


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