Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 2013 results

August was the worst month, I had since I started playing poker for a living. Came back from vacation on the 10th and had a lot of trouble get my rithem and adjusting to the games after a 2 week break. So the volume ended up really bad. I also completed playing 3million hands in my carrer, but my HM1 database crashed and I lost about 300k hands that I played at the beggining on party poker that I can't recover anymore. Here is a graph in bb's of what is remaining of my database:

My plan for the rest of the year is to play without checking any results all the way till december. I came to this decesion because I find that playing without checking results for me is the best solution to playing more A game and also putting in more volume. And usually my results are pretty constant so any increase in volume will be very good for my results. I have only 99k vpp's so I need 100k more till the end of the year, to reach the 200k milestone. That will requiere me to play 9hours/day and also add in some 100NL sometimes in there. So because of this I will stop posting results and graph on my blog and hopefully write more about motivation, fitness, etc

I will be participating in september in a special promotion offered by pokerstars to romanian players: Is your City Winning the Battle? Basicly all romanians will chose a city and grind as much as they can during September 2-29, and the city that has the highest average VPP/player at the end of the month will win. The players that chose that city at the start of the month will receive an entry into a 5000$ freeroll, the top 5 winners of the freeroll will win a special experience prize and there will also be more than $3,000 in extra cash prizes. So in september you guys will see a lot of romanians grinding for more than they usually do...:D I will be representing Timisoara, as the city I see as favorite for the prize.

 August 2013 poker results:
151,622 Hands Played  --- 10,000 VPP's
+$1,574 (cash game profits) 
+$150 (reload bonus)
+$560 (FPP value)
+$2,284 (Total profits)


  1. Nice results too.

    Would be nice to see such a challenge for every country...

    1. Thank you. I am sure they will add that battle to all the other countries. They probably started with a poor'er countrie just to see what effect this will have on the rake that is payed. Prizes are not that huge, but I will take any extra rakeback...

  2. Here's to a better September! GL with not checking the results-that's a sick experiment! :D

  3. Your all time graph is WOOOW!Good luck with your chalenge!

    1. Thanks... My volume sucks however...A lot of regs play like 5million hands/year.... I only do like 2million


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