Thursday, September 5, 2013

2 time supernova

I just reached supernova status today for my second year. It comes a lot later than I would have hoped, but still I made some progress from last year, when I reached 100k vpp's in december. Now I will do everything I can to reach 200k by and end of the year...

Here is a nice hand played today vs a random player - It's soo hard to get payed off in these spots...:

And the City Battle promotion progress:
So it seems that I selected a bad city (Timisoara). We have 603players that should in theory be making vpp's but so far we earned only 7356vpp's. So basicly I earned 30% of all the vpp's from my group, which means that most the players in my group are play money players, that don't play real money poker. Very dissapointing. I also have m3nix in my group (one of the only 2 romanians to ever reach supernova elite) who is usually playing a lot, but he must be in a vacation or Hopefully some players will start playing more in the next days... I tought we had more romanian regulars.


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  2. Congrats! How much table do you play?

  3. Seems you have a fan!

    1. Thanks guys... I 24-30table. lol at the pro shortstaker that stole my avatar(stealing my blinds and 3bettingme 20% wasnt enough...:D)... I saw him at the tables also.

  4. Hey,

    I've added your blog to my roll if that's okay? Feel free to do the same if you find mine interesting!


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