Sunday, March 24, 2013

Worst session from 2013

Today's session was the worst so far I played in 2013.  -464$ (10buy-ins at 25-100NL). I played pretty well but I just had a lot of pretty absurd coolers. I think I am going to quit 100NL probably forever because I just can't win there. Here isa hand from today and my 100NL graph from this year so far(its extremely tilting for me to have to grind 4buy-ins at 25NL for each cooler from 100NL):

Today I also saw the first ever supernova fish that I know of (he open-limped K7s from ep and played a high VPIP and only 1 table and had a weird stack size - I was pretty amazed and checked him out and he earned supernova +35k$ last year playing high stakes hyperturbo sng's.... amazing stuff :D):
And pokerstars introduced the 5million-lifetime VPP badge... Congratualations to this 100NL regular for achieving this amazing milestone. But its probably -EV for him to show that badge at the tables:

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