Friday, March 15, 2013

Posible anti-tilt solution

Last month I stopped checking holdem manager results during sessions and that was a huge help for my A-game. After that moment I could play longer sessions mutch better than before.

A couple of days ago I found some relaxing/sleep/study music and I was thinking that maybe this will help me play my A-game even more and help me to focus and I tried it out. Its been about 30k hands and I am really impressed with my results in this period. It might be just variance however, but I still think the music helped me a lot. A possible explanation for this might be that this music lowers the heart beat rate and this helps a bit when receiving huge coolers. I put some of the stuff I started to listen below.

I never enjoyed instrumental/clasic music and I still don't like it. I more of the arminvanburen/tiesto type. But if this gives me better results I will take it. If any of you guys will decide to listen to these while playing please post in the comments below if it helped/ didn't help your A game play. Good luck at the tables.

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  1. is also very good for grinding IMO


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