Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Final results after week 10 of my 10.000$ in 10 weeks challenge

Happy New Year everybody!!!

So yesterday was the last day of my 10.000$ in 10 weeks without rakeback challenge. I ended up failing both my poker challenge and also my fitness challenge: I lost 5kg's of fat by the 9th week, but during Christmas I gained 2kg back so now I am at 74kg's... From now on I know that I have to avoid carbohidrates even for 1 day.

Poker wise, I would have completed my challenge if I hadn't dropped to 10NL for 2 weeks and than lost 1 more week re-adjusting my game, so I could win again at 25-50NL.... 

With tournament winnings the total profit is 8.681$(cash)+ 265(mtt/sng)= 8.946$.

With fpp value from the rakeback and money received from my 10NL propbet, I would have a total of: 8946+2925(propbet)+1993(fpp value)=13.864$  

Tomorrow I will make a post with the results from december and after that the results from 2013. Good luck to everybody and have a wonderfull 2014!!!


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