Monday, December 23, 2013

Results after week 9 of my 10.000$ in 10 weeks challenge

So it has been 3 weeks since my last update on this challenge. I stopped updating because I started another smaller challenge in the middle of this one. I am glad to say that I completed my fitness challenge to lose 5kilos and I dropped from 77kg to 72kg. Now I am trying to build some muscle. I would like to put something like 10-15kg's of muscle in the next 12 months. For this I will intensify my training and try to spend more than 90minutes in the gym everyday and take 2 days off.

Poker wise, I have to sadly admit that I have almost no chance of completing my challenge. If I would add the rakeback or the money won from the probet. that "forced" me to play 10NL for 2 weeks, I would complete it, but my goal was to do it only in winnings at the tables. In the last 3 days I suffered a brutal 1000$ downswing (the second biggest I had in this year). This week I also played the sunday million and did not cash(so I lost 215$). Here are the graph and results with 8 more days to go:

With tournament winnings the total profit is 7.292$(cash)+ 265(mtt/sng)= 7.557$.


  1. 500k hands in 9 weeks is insane. How are you able to play so many hands per day ? Is a healthy lifestile combined with some workouts the nuts here? Is it the low-variance style that keeps your mental game sharp, or something else ? Also do you play 7 days per week every month here or do you take some days off ?

    1. 500k hands in 9 weeks is not that insane. Many players play way more hands. And in 2014 I plan to play at least 250k hands each month. I just play long 8-12hour sessions and 24table. I don't know how healphy it is but I need the money so I will keep doing this for 1-2 more years until my edge in the games dispears. I go to the gym 5days a week and that has definetly improved my life and poker results in the last 4 months. Yes, the low variance style allows me to play this volume; If I was playing mtt's or something like that I would have a harder time puting in volume. I used to take a lot of days off, but in the last 4months I only took a few days off, when I was really tired or when I felt like I was too tilted a play a winning game.

    2. Respect dude. Yes there are probably a lot of people playing even more hands, but they tend to be rakeback whores with breakeven winrates, and not a crusher like you ;)


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