Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013 results + 2013 half year review

June 2013 is my worst ever month in terms of winrate. I am really pissed about it. I played quite bad in some spots, especially in zoom and also variance and all in ev was not on my side. I also failed to play the 350k hands I was hoping and to make my vpp target. I played however almost as many hands as I did last month which was my best ever month in terms of volume. This month was the aniversary of pokerstars's 100 billionth hand and I parcipated in the following promotions:
  1. Milestone hands: Epic fail for me here. Very poor results and play quality from my part and 0 milestone hands
  2. ZOOM&BOOM: Very poor play. I ended up spewing about 10buyins against some regs that I was batteling against. But I managed to receive 9buyins at 50NL and 2buyins at 25NL which provided me with 500$ rakeback which is great.
  3. Ultimate 1million$ freeroll: One of my greatest results ever in a tournament. Was fortunate to have tables filled with nits all the way to my last hands before my elimination, when I had a couple of super aggro midstakes regs with huge stacks added to my table and who eventually busted me in a flip. I played 32/30/10 (full ring) in the tournament, lol, way different than how I play at cash tables(but table conditions where super different, players probably wanted to survive each 2$ pay-jump and there was basiclly no light 3betting and almost no blind defence).... I finished in 765'th place out of 50.163 entrants, good for 200$ which is great. 

 June 2013 poker results:

211,140 Hands Played  --- 15,000 VPP's
+1,154 $ (cash game profits) 
+200$ (ultimate freeroll cash)
+840$ (FPP value)
+500$ (zoom&boom)
+$2,694 (Total profits)

 2013 half year poker results:

1,055,400 Hands Played  --- 78,264 VPP's
+10,615$ (cash game profits) 
+500$ (tournament profit)
+4,214$ (FPP value)
+700$ (stellar rewards)
+500$ (zoom&boom)
+$16,529 (Total profits)

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  1. Great results overall. Longterm is what matters. GL, choco


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